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#12 How to Keep Facebook From Killing Your Church 4 Tips -Podcast

Is Facebook killing your church? In this episode of Now Is The Time I talk about how social networks can damage the church and I give you 4 tips how to protect your church from the dangers of Facebook!


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Technology can’t replace real relationships

We are more connected by technology today than ever and we are also more alone. The problem is we often think that what we do on social networks can replace real relationships.

But it can’t!

Koinonia, the Greek word in the New Testament that describes the fellowship of the early church means the following;

  • To have something in common
  • To work together on a task
  • To live in a society or family

These are things that at some point require real interaction without the aid of a computer.

Check out what that fellowship looked like in Acts 2:41-47

Tips on how to keep Facebook from killing your church

1. Approach Facebook as a tool for the in-between times

Facebook and other social networks are great tools for continuing relationships that we have in our church. The problem is that sometimes our virtual relationships can get in the way of our real life relationships. We need to think of Facebook as tool for the in-between times and not a replacement for real relationships.

2. Use social networks intentionally to bring people closer to Jesus

What do people think when they see your profile, read your status updates our view your photos.  Does your Facebook profile bring people closer to Jesus or does it impress them with what you had for dinner last night?

3. Invite people over to your home

For some of you this is difficult to do because you want everything to be perfect. At some point you have to put down your pride and just invite someone over. The quality of fellowship that you have in your home doesn’t depend on how delicious your food is or how spectacular the decor but rather on the sincerity of your heart!

Check out Acts 2:46

 4. Come to church early and stay late

You know who I’m talking about here! Those of you who slip in just after the service has started and dart out as the Pastor says, “Amen”.  You’re not going to build relationships and enjoy fellowship that way.  Why not come 20 mins early next Sunday and find someone new to talk with? Why not stay 20 mins after the service is over and see if there is someone you can pray for?

Question: What other tips do you have on how to keep social networks from destroying real fellowship in the church?

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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children!

My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • Great post- I think it can become easy to let social media take the place of real relationships. We have to be intentional at building and maintaining personal relationships. God has given us great tools for connecting with people- like FB- but that shouldn’t replace looking people in the eye and shaking their hands.

    • Yes, there’s something about the physical touch of patting someone on the back, giving a hug or shaking hands that can’t be replaced by computers!

  • Great point. Nothing can replace pressing flesh…

    • Good way to put it “pressing flesh” I don’t think I’ve heard that before Floyd.

  • Good points Caleb! FB can be a wonderful tool… If used properly. But nothing beats person to person. God’s blessings on your travels.

    • Thanks Dave! We have less than a week left so packing like crazy here!

  • Those are great tips, Caleb. Facebook can be a great tool to supplement our koinonia, but not as a replacement our in-person times together. There are still many things we just can’t do through a computer.

    My husband is a great example of one who wants to come early and stay late. 🙂 I need to get better about that myself.

    Praying for your travels next week to be smooth, and for your 10 months in the States to be productive ones for the glory of God.

    • Thanks for your prayers Lisa, we appreciate it. The kids are getting really excited!

  • Good ideas. The church I attend rarely uses Facebook. Mostly when they do it’s a reminder of a special event, or pictures of that event after it’s taken place.

    • That’s another aspect that would be good to do a post on sometime. Our church is pretty good about using facebook You can check out our page here I think that most churches would be served well to use facebook on a regular basis as a way of not only letting people know about news but encouraging interaction.

  • Thanks for your encouragement Ann! I agree, I also would like to see churches really understand the importance of relationship and fellowship!