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#27 The Problem with American Worldview

America’s worldview is changing quickly and moving further from a Biblical understanding.

In this episode of Now is the Time I take a look at one of the most popular aspects of the new American worldview -Tolerance!


Ukraine Update

Unfortunately the situation is getting worse in Eastern Ukraine.

On Monday a peaceful pro-Ukraine rally was dispersed by pro-Russian separatists who attacked the participants with clubs and fireworks.

Today in the city of Lugansk heavily armed pro-Russian separatists seized government headquarters.

Please pray for Ukraine!

Download the 7 day prayer guide and share it with your church.

Slavic Youth Conference

Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking to about 800 youth at a Slavic youth conference in Edgewood, WA. I spoke on the importance of having a Biblical world view in the first session.

In the second session I spoke on why a proper understanding of world view is important when sharing the gospel.  You can watch both sessions below.

I begin each session in Russian but then switch to English after a few minutes.

Session #1

Session #2

Listener Questions:

Hannah asked: “I was wondering why in the Old Testament God required the Israelites to kill entire people groups but in some instances, he would allow them to spare some of the people in those groups.”

If you have a question give me a call and leave a message! (747) 221-6478


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If you want to support what God is doing in Ukraine through local churches, missions and evangelism learn how you can do that here.

Question: What other problems have you noticed in the American’s Worldview?

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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children! My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • I can’t wait to listen to your pod cast! Before I forgot I wanted to recommend a great resource on the difference b/t Biblical World View and Humanistic World View, “ye shall be as gods” by Larry Johnson. Very detailed book that takes on all sorts of areas the Bible is under attack, and has been under attack since the Garden of Eden. (education, entertainment, family unit, and so much more).

    • I just looked it up on Amazon, it looks pretty interesting, thanks for letting me know about it. At the core, there’s some pretty major reasons why humanist believe what they do and I can see how you could easily trace that back to the Garden of Eden.

  • I highly suggest this book to anyone interested in learning more about this important topic. It goes to the core of what’s transpiring in our world. He provides a good tool for understanding and empowering Believers to converse with those who oppose Christianity. However, it is a long read…and I really fast.

  • The world view is becoming that of humanism. The same one that Paul dealt with called the Gnostics. When mankind sets themselves up where God is supposed to be, big trouble is coming. I’m praying for the Ukraine, Caleb. Keep up the Divine work, brother.

    • True Floyd, there’s nothing really new about the “new” worldview of many Americans. Thanks for your prayers!

  • I would agree with Floyd and TC, Caleb. The root of “Tolerance” is humanism. Sadly, the tolerant is intolerant when disagreeing with their idea of what we are to tolerant about.

    • Eventually the idea of respect and inclusion of all ideas and religions is going to have to exclude someone, they don’t want to admit it but it’s true.

  • DS

    Thanks for the links to your conversation with the Slavic Youth. That was good to listen to. Appreciated the “don’t assume” ideas you’ve included.

    • I’m glad you had a chance to watch David!

  • Caleb, encouraged to know you are challenging the world view of the world with God’s world view. I am there too with the others…tolerance is humanism.

    • Yes, Betty, we need to challenge how the world thinks otherwise the church will eventually begin to think the same way.