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#55 Why You Should’t Say “The Ukraine”

People used to ask me if it’s proper to say “The Ukraine” or not. My answer to that question has changed and in this episode of “Now Is the Time” I share with you why my view changed and why it’s important.

It's not THE Ukraine

May 1st

May Day is  big holiday here in Ukraine. Officially it’s called “International Solidarity of Worker’s Day” It’s a national holiday and here in Odessa most people get outdoors and have a picnic.

May 2nd is also the anniversary of the tragedy that took the lives of about 50 people last year when Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian groups clashed here in Odessa. The government brought in about 2,000 troops and 200 military vehicles to make sure things were peaceful this year!


Next week I’m heading I’m leaving for two conferences. The first (May 8-9) one will be in Bela-Tserkov. We will be participating in this two day conference for church leaders. We expect 300-400 pastors and church leaders to attend. Please pray us as we help organize the video for this conference.

Not only is this a great opportunity to meet and influence hundreds of church leaders in Ukraine but we will also be putting the video from the conference on our institutes website so that it can then be viewed by Russian speakers from all over the world!

The second conference (May 11-13) is in Western Ukraine in the city of Ternopil. I’m taking a group from our church and institute. The conference is called “Effective Evangelism” and will focus on how our churches can clearly and effectively preach the gospel without compromise.

If you’d like to follow along with us as we travel and participate in these conferences I recommend that you subscribe to our youtube channel.


  • Youtube channel where I’ll be posting vlogs (video blogs) during these conferences.
  • iTunes or Stitcher make getting this podcast on your mobile device super easy.
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