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“Is God Calling Me to Missions?”

“Is God Calling Me to Missions, 10 Questions to Help Determine Your Calling” now available on Amazon!

Book Description

How do you know for sure if God is calling you to missions? Take a deep look at what it really means to be a missionary and how God has specifically called out a few people for this amazing task. In the book you’ll find 10 questions, each helping you to you understand better what it means to be a missionary and aid you in seeing clearly whether or not God has called you to missions. Even if you don’t believe God has called you into missions this book can help you appreciate the missionary task and give you a renewed passion for the gospel right at home.

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Is God Calling Preview


If you’d like to review the book please let me know. I’m sending out a few pre-release copies to reviews. You can contact me here.

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