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The Government’s Accusations Against the Baptist Church in Kransy Luch

Just this week I shared with you that the Baptist Church in Krasny Luch had been visited by officers from the Ministry of State Security, below are more details about this event written by one of the brothers, for his safety he must remain anonymous.

Here’s what he wrote.

House of Prayer in Krasny Luch

House of Prayer in Krasny Luch

“Today, the in Krasny Luch I investigated the details of the recent visit of the MSS (Minister of State Security) LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic) to the Baptist church. Two people showed up, they unceremoniously drove into the yard of the church in a jeep. It just happened to be a Saturday workday at church, people were cleaning up the yard. One MSS officers introduced himself, the other one didn’t. Immediately they began to claim – “You are an American sect, you steal the tithe from grandmothers and you yourselves ride around in expensive cars.”
Pastor Igor Syrbu looked with dismay at his old Lanos, which was standing next to the jeep that the security officers had just arrived in, talk about cool cars!

The conversation continued in the church office. Requirements – present the church constitution, cash book, and a list of members. The constitution and accounting records were not in the prayer house, and the pastor refused to present list of members. Well, and here the phrase became famous: ‘What, Have you forgotten the Soviet Union?’ Pastor Igor answered that we Baptists have not forgotten. Two of our pastors were shot in Soviet times. It seems that those days are returning. The conversation ended with a demand to come in the next day the MSS offices with the documents.

The next day, Igor and another brother went to the MSS. The same man was waiting for them there. He didn’t greet them very friendly. He repeated all the accusations from yesterday. He asked for the documents. He then made copies of the documents. He did not find the list of the church members. Brothers again firmly stated that they would not give him the list. Even in Soviet times, churches were not required to do this. The officer threatened, maybe if they take you down to the basement, then you’ll answer differently. Just then another officer intervened and he changed the tone of things. They released the brothers with strong advice to re-register their church asap in the LPR, and the question of the list of church members still stands.

All this was a week ago. Church continues all of its service, including feeding the hungry three times a week -including those most unfortunate grandmothers. They continue ministering to children from disadvantaged families, they feed them twice a week. The Church prayer house is a true oasis in the middle of complete destruction (a place where there is no war!) in Krasny Luch.  From the church well the whole neighborhood takes free water.

On the facade of the church are the 10 commandments, the tenth says: ‘Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s.’ If only the officers from the new authorities in Krasny Luch had read this commandment during their visit.”

Please pray for the church in Krasny Luch and other churches in Eastern Ukraine that are in difficult circumstances.

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