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About Us

Hi Friend,

My name is Caleb and God has given me the privilege of serving Jesus in Ukraine with my family.

Let me first thank you for stopping by our website and taking a look, I hope that you have found something helpful and encouraging in our blog. I write this blog so that you might have a better idea of how God is working in Ukraine and also to encourage and enable you to share the good news of Jesus wherever you are.

Our goal is to preach the gospel of Jesus to Ukrainians and help them to take that message farther than we could on our own!

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About Caleb

SONY DSCI was born and raised in Washington State, in the small town of Gig Harbor where my father started Discovery Baptist Church in 1981.

I began to get interested in missions after listening to missionaries who visited our church. One day in 1994 I was invited to hear, then president of ABWE, Dr. Wendell Kempton speak at a nearby church. Afterwards I asked him about summer missions opportunities.

He told me:

“There’s a great opportunity in Ukraine this summer.”

I had no idea how life changing that moment would be! At that time I wasn’t interested in Ukraine and I’m not even sure if I could have found it on the map. Nevertheless I went home and told my parents about the opportunity. When my dad heard about it he said:

“Great, I’ll go with you!”

I hadn’t even decided to go myself yet and my dad was ready to go with me, so I decided to try it out and I went on my first trip to Ukraine in 1994.

You might think that trip suddenly made me decide to become a missionary to Ukraine, but it didn’t! It was years after that trip and after other trips to Ukraine and South America and after I met Christina that we together decided to go back to Ukraine and serve full-time.

Before I came to Ukraine in 2007 I studied at Shasta Bible College and Northwest Baptist Seminary (now Corban School of Ministry), where I graduated in 2005 with Masters of Divinity.

Books I’ve written


The first is a short e-book about the differences between Orthodox Church and Protestant teachings called

“Church, Tradition and Scripture, Where Does the Authority Hide?”

I published my second book in 2014.

It is available both in print and in Kindle e-book.

“What If… How to Kill Worry and Anxiety Before They Kill You!”

My 3rd book was published in December 2017.

“Is God Calling Me to Missions, 10 Questions to Help You Determine Your Calling”

Stay tuned to find out more!

About Christina

christina headI was born and raised in the former Soviet Union and came to the U.S. in 1996 to study at Shasta Bible College in Redding, California.

I grew up in a typical Soviet family, my parents were secular, they worked their jobs and were more or less good moral people, but we didn’t know God. In the eighty’s my father obtained a Bible on the black market, he read it to my brother and me every night. Unfortunately, he didn’t know where to start so he opened it to the middle and read from the book of Job to us. As a 10 year old child it wasn’t the most interesting thing to hear so my brother and I both fell asleep quickly, but my father had many questions.

Later after the Soviet Union fell we were invited to a Christmas outreach by a local Baptist Church. We went and finally my father found someone who could answer his questions about the Bible. We started attending a small Bible study and shortly afterwards my parents both believed in Jesus. I also put my faith in Jesus a few months later.

One year I went to a Bible camp and at the end of the camp the leader asked if anyone would like to become missionary to toss a stick in the campfire. I was only 14 years old at that time and I had no idea what it meant to be a missionary but I felt god calling me to it, so I threw my stick in the fire! I told my parents about that but it was difficult for them to see how I could become a missionary living in a country like Ukraine with so little resources.

God knew better!

In 1994 I met a pastor who give me the opportunity to come to the United States to study at bible college. It was there that Caleb and I met… but that’s another story, you’ll have to watch our video to hear that story!

Interview with Christina about growing up in Ukraine.


Our ministry

Our goal is both to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Ukrainians and to help Ukrainians take the Gospel further than we could ever do alone!

How can we do that?

Through our local church

One way we do that is through local church ministries. Caleb serves as pastor at our church here in Odessa, Hope for People. Through the Church we’ve been able to lead weekly outreaches to disabled refugees and currently to Ukrainian soldiers.

These outreaches put us in connection with people who have never heard the gospel before and allow us to bring hope to the hopeless.

Through training in churches country wide

Caleb also services as director of “” Center for Evangelism and Discipleship. The purpose of the center is to aid local churches in effective Biblical evangelism and discipleship. Together with other Ukrainian pastors we led seminars in churches all over Ukraine as well as some beyond the border of Ukraine. We focus on teaching church members how to share their faith in a way that is understandable and effectively communicates the core message of the Gospel.

Last year our center led about 20 seminars in nearly different churches all over Ukraine.

Through Bible conferences

At least twice a year we organize Bible conferences that focus on Biblical methods of evangelism, discipleship, and preaching.

Over the past year we helped organize 3 conferences with a total of well over 1,000 church leaders attending. We publish videos from each conference in order to reach an even wider audience.

This year alone our conference videos have been viewed over 20,000 times.

Through online resources

In today’s connected world it would be a sin not to use the opportunities God has given us through the internet. That is why we developed “” a Russian language site that focuses on publishing Biblical articles on evangelism, discipleship, and church ministries. Caleb usually writes articles once or twice a week that are then published in Russian. Other Ukrainian pastors also contribute articles. Additionally we often translate helpful material from Desiring God, 9 Marks, and other solid Biblically solid websites.

Through our online material we have been able to engage with tens of thousands over the past year.

Through printed resources

Through our seminars we are training believers to use chronological Bible teaching as a way to share the Gospel. To this end we are able to offer them “The Story of Hope” a chronological Bible study. We also over “The Way to Joy” basic steps for new believers.

In addition to these tools we print a biannual magazine that focuses on evangelism and discipleship issues!

In addition to these ministries Christina also serves in women’s ministries at our church and works with our translation team to translate needed Biblical training materials into Russian. Christina also oversees homeschooling of our five children.

The best way to stay in touch with us is by e-mail. In addition to regular blog posts you’ll also get exclusive content that I only send out via e-mail.

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Now Is The Time Podcast

I publish the podcast 2-4 times a month, each episode is about 20-30 mins long.  I try to focus each episode on different aspects of worship, whether it’s church life, our personal relationship with God, evangelism or any other issues that are related to worshiping God in every aspect of our life.

Here are some recent episodes:

I also usually take a few minutes at the beginning of each podcast to fill you in on what’s happening in our ministry and in Ukraine before I get into the meat of the content.

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I also write on my blog usually twice a week, below is some recent content.

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