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Caleb Suko

About the book

Did you know that excessive worry and anxiety can lead to real physical problems like memory loss, a weak immune system and even heart attack? Worry isn’t something you can afford to ignore, it’s dangerous and if you don’t take care of it really could kill you!

In the book Caleb takes you beyond the outward symptoms of worry to understand its root causes. He shows you that worry isn’t just an annoying personality trait. It’s a problem that must be dealt with at the heart level, the longer you let worry go on the more damage it will do in your life and the lives of those around you!

Thankfully there is a way out! Caleb doesn’t offer superficial tricks or temporary fixes! These are real solutions that you can put to practice now and reap the benefits from for years to come!

This book will open your eyes to the shocking truth of what worry really is and where it comes from. It will expand your understanding of how worry destroys lives from the inside out. It will teach you to recognize worry it all it’s ugly forms and then it will give you the tools you need to kill it before it does any more damage to your life!

Do you worry about your loved ones? If so then this book is for you. Caleb gives practical advice about how to overcome anxiety that we often experience over our children, spouses or other loved ones.

Do you worry about your possessions? In the book you’ll find real examples of others who’ve struggled with this same issue and solid advice about how to find your way out.

Do you worry about your image? Many people struggle with anxiety over how they look and what others think of them. “What if…” Shows you where the problem really is and how to change your thinking.

Do you worry about your finances? You’re certainly not alone in this one! Consumer debt is a source of anxiety for millions of households today. But having your debts paid off doesn’t mean your exempt from worry. Caleb explains how we need to change our attitude and our actions toward money to kill worry over finances.

Do you worry about your health and safety? You’ll find out that no matter how many safety precautions you take life is still a risk and often playing it safe will not ease your worries.

In his book Caleb also teaches you how to stop fretting over decisions by simplifying the processes and using the knowledge you have to make that decision and move forward with your life.

“What if…” also give you the four basic tools you need to do battle with worry every day and to become victorious.

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