I’m excited to announce the release of my book “What if… How to Kill Worry and Anxiety Before They Kill You!”

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This sermon covers some of the core content of the book and will give you a better understanding of what worry is, why it’s destructive and how to overcome it!

About the book

Publisher: Dovare Publishing

Pages: 168

Publish Date: August 1st 2014

ISBN: 0692232095


Did you know that excessive worry and anxiety can lead to real physical problems like memory loss, a weak immune system and even heart attack? Worry isn’t something you can afford to ignore, it’s dangerous and if you don’t take care of it really could kill you!

In the book Caleb takes you beyond the outward symptoms of worry to understand its root causes. He shows you that worry isn’t just an annoying personality trait. It’s a problem that must be dealt with at the heart level, the longer you let worry go on the more damage it will do in your life and the lives of those around you!

Thankfully there is a way out! Caleb doesn’t offer superficial tricks or temporary fixes! These are real solutions that you can put to practice now and reap the benefits from for years to come!

This book will open your eyes to the shocking truth of what worry really is and where it comes from. It will expand your understanding of how worry destroys lives from the inside out. It will teach you to recognize worry it all it’s ugly forms and then it will give you the tools you need to kill it before it does any more damage to your life!

Do you worry about your loved ones? If so then this book is for you. Caleb gives practical advice about how to overcome anxiety that we often experience over our children, spouses or other loved ones.

Do you worry about your possessions? In the book you’ll find real examples of others who’ve struggled with this same issue and solid advice about how to find your way out.

Do you worry about your image? Many people struggle with anxiety over how they look and what others think of them. “What if…” Shows you where the problem really is and how to change your thinking.

Do you worry about your finances? You’re certainly not alone in this one! Consumer debt is a source of anxiety for millions of households today. But having your debts paid off doesn’t mean your exempt from worry. Caleb explains how we need to change our attitude and our actions toward money to kill worry over finances.

Do you worry about your health and safety? You’ll find out that no matter how many safety precautions you take life is still a risk and often playing it safe will not ease your worries.

In his book Caleb also teaches you how to stop fretting over decisions by simplifying the processes and using the knowledge you have to make that decision and move forward with your life.

“What if…” also give you the four basic tools you need to do battle with worry every day and to become victorious.

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Chapter 1 -How we start
Chapter 2 -The acceptable sin
Chapter 3 -What is worry?
Chapter 4 -Concern Versus Worry
Chapter 5 -Questions that can’t be answered
Chapter 6 -The Risk of Faith
Chapter 7 -The “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Myth
Chapter 8 -Conquer Your Fears and Face the Facts
Chapter 9 -Give over the control
Chapter 10 -Seek the Kingdom
Chapter 11 -Don’t worry about your loved ones
Chapter 12 -Don’t worry about your possessions
Chapter 13 -Don’t worry about your image
Chapter 14 -Don’t worry about your finances
Chapter 15 -Don’t worry about your health and safety
Chapter 16 -Make Decisions Simple
Chapter 17 -Kill Worry with God’s Word
Chapter 18 -Kill Worry with Prayer
Chapter 19 -Kill Worry with Memory and Meditation

You should buy this book if…

  • You’ve ever struggled with worry or anxiety.
  • You want to understand better the root causes of worry.
  • You want to help others who struggle with worry.
  • You want to gain a Biblical perspective on the problem of worry.
  • You are have tried other methods or medication for anxiety.
  • You want to be challenged in your thinking about worry.
  • You’re looking for a permanent solution for your worry.
  • You want to grow in your understanding of God and his care for you.

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Sample content

Chapter 1 How we start

To be free from worry is a gift; it’s the gift of deep blissful sleep and waking with hope for the day!

Children possess this gift. How can a child go throughout his day without being bothered by the worries and cares of this life? There is a very simple reason, he has perfect trust that his mother and father will provide for his every need. He has never known otherwise. His parents have always clothed him, fed him, comforted him, played with him, sheltered him and held him close in their arms. Thus, he plays with blissful ease not knowing and not caring that there is a frightfully dangerous world right outside the warm safety of his parent’s home.

With maturity comes knowledge of the outside world and responsibility. Often when responsibility comes so does worry. Let me tell you about how it started in my life.

I’ll admit, I tend to be a pretty laid back type of guy but appearances aren’t everything. I can worry too! A couple of years after my wife and I married we started a small painting business. I bought one of those white utility vans with the ladder racks on top like the telephone company uses. We lived in Tacoma, Washington in a part of town that tended to have a lot of drug activity and the crime that goes along with it. Since we were poor seminary students we could not afford to rent a house with a nice garage where I could park my van. That meant my work van, which was loaded with tools for my painting business sat out on the street every night.

Honestly, I didn’t give it too much thought. I just parked the van on the street in front of our apartment building every night and in the morning it was always there waiting for me. Then one morning it happened! They broke the sliding door window and very conveniently removed the contents of my van!

Immediately my stress level shot up, a thousand thoughts invaded my mind and my pulse began to race! Who did this? Where are my tools? How am I going to work today? Where am I going to find the money to replace these things? What’s my wife going to say?

I began to ask questions and I began to worry. As a result I decided to change the way I did a few things. I ordered metal bars for the windows in my van, installed an alarm and found a nearby storage unit where I could unload most of my valuable tools at night.

Despite the fact that I had made all these changes I still worried. For the next couple of months my ears were super sensitive to the sound of car alarms. I thought every alarm was mine. Several times I even got up in the middle of the night to investigate strange noises that I thought I had heard outside! Even though my van was technically more secure than it was before the theft, I was now more uneasy about things.

Let’s compare my situation with the child I described at the beginning of the chapter. The child doesn’t worry because he trusts his parents. However, he also doesn’t worry because he lacks knowledge of the dangers of the outside world. Before the break-in I was like the child.

Yes, I knew that it was theoretically possible for someone to break the window and steal my tools, however, it didn’t worry me because I hadn’t personally experienced it. The lack of personal experience kept me ignorant of the real danger and allowed me to “sleep like a baby” every night.  The problem is that once having gone through the experience it is impossible to go back to the previous state of ignorance.

Now let’s take a minute and look at Jesus.  Here’s a guy that could sleep through anything! Remember when Jesus went out on the lake with the disciples? Jesus was sleeping right through a powerful storm that was threatening to sink their boat!

Now as they were sailing, Jesus fell asleep. A violent storm swept over the lake, and they were taking on water and were in great danger. So his disciples went to him, woke him up, and kept telling him, “Master! Master! We’re going to die!” He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waves. They stopped, and there was calm.(Luke 8:23-24)

There’s no question that the disciples were worried in this passage. They didn’t gently tap Jesus on the shoulder and say, “Master, if you’re not too tired we could use a little help now.” They repeatedly called for him “Master, Master!” They made the situation look dire, “We’re going to die!” They didn’t just tell him, they kept telling him!

The disciples couldn’t sleep in the storm but Jesus could!

What was the first thing Jesus said to the disciples after he woke up? You’d think he’d say something like, “Wow, you weren’t kidding that really is a terrible storm!” or maybe he’d say, “Sorry for sleeping guys, but don’t worry everything will be OK now.”

Jesus’ response must have shocked the disciples.

And He said to them, Where is your faith? And being afraid, they marveled, saying to one another, Who then is this One, that He commands even the wind and the water, and they obey Him? (Luke 8:25)

After rebuking the wind and the waves Jesus turns right around and rebukes the disciples for their lack of faith.  It was the absence of faith that kept them on edge, that didn’t allow them to sleep, that caused them to wake Jesus in their desperation.

Babies sleep like babies because they haven’t yet experienced all the dangers and problems in life. Their worry free sleep is what we sometimes call “blissful ignorance”. On the other hand Jesus could sleep despite the fact that he knew there was a storm going on. Jesus could sleep because he had perfect trust in the Father.

You and I don’t have the luxury of sleeping in blissful ignorance.  If you’re old enough to read this book, then you are old enough to know that there are very unpleasant things in this life, things that can keep you up at night.

We’ve had painful experiences or heard about others who did and now we want to avoid them. As our minds struggle to find a way out, to protect us from the dangers of life, we can easily slip into a pattern of worry.

Worry rarely starts suddenly. It begins small and innocent, it’s almost hard to recognize at first. We want to look for solutions to possible problems, we want to avoid difficult situations, pain, sickness and death. This is not wrong. However, our desire to avoid the difficult and distressing things of life can quickly lead to unwarranted fears and a destructive fixation upon the problem and the possible results.

No, worry doesn’t usually start suddenly but when it’s not dealt with it will eventually drag your mind into a deep pit of fear, anxiety and apprehension. The deeper you go into this pattern of thought the harder it will be for you to dig yourselves out. It will seem impossible for you not to think about it. Your mind will play through the possibilities over and over again. You become restless, irritated, feeling like you need to do something but not knowing what to do.

Worry, infests the mind like maggots, destroying us from the inside out! It paralyzes us with fear, fills us with doubt and crowds out our ability to think logically and rationally.

There is really only one way out of the pit worry and that is up! Jesus gave us a great example as he slept through the storm. He also pointed us to the only real hope that we have, the only thing that has the ability to rescue us from the depths of our worry!

Jesus reprimanded the disciples for their lack of faith, their failure to believe, their inability to trust.  The faith that Jesus was talking about is not a general faith that is often referred to in today’s popular culture. It is not faith in some higher good or simply having a positive outlook in life. It most certainly is not faith in yourself, in your abilities or talents. Jesus called us to a faith much higher than ourselves. He called us to believe in the only thing that can actually lift us from our worries and set us on solid ground.

Jesus called for faith in himself!

After all he had just proved that he was able to calm the storm with his words. Who has power like that?

When it comes down to it worry is nothing more than your mind desperately looking for a solution to all your problems. When you come to Jesus you find the ultimate solution. Your tired mind can stop searching, Jesus is the complete answer!

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus doesn’t promise that when you put your faith in him that he will protect you from all pain and hardship in this life. His promise for us is much greater! He promises to give you a hope that reaches beyond this momentary life, he guarantees a joy and peace that is much deeper than your temporary struggles. He promises to take your worries upon himself and free you from their weight but this can’t happen until you begin to trust him!

If you’re like me then you have gone through things in your life that could give you reason to worry. You can’t un-experience what you have experienced and you can’t un-know what you have learned, so that leaves you with only two possibilities. You either choose to make worry an everyday part of your life or began a life of trust in Jesus and start sleeping well again!

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