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Repentance and the God of Tolerism

Repentance is not a politically correct word but tolerism is.

Take a look at the short video clip and then join the conversation by answering any one of the questions below.


I just finished up 3 days of meetings in Odessa, Ukraine. Thank you for your prayers. Tomorrow I will be visiting our church here and then I head to Kiev to check out what is happening with all the demonstrations.

Please keep praying! God is at work!


  • How might the language that we use to communicate the Gospel sometimes infer that Jesus is not exclusive?
  • What are some of the most significant idols in your culture that must be confronted when the gospel is preached?
  • How do you respond to someone to pulls the tolerance card when you began to talk to him about Jesus?
  • How does the idea of repentance change the way you might communicate the gospel?
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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children! My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • Good stuff, Caleb. Worshipping the Creator and not His creation. I clearly point out to others when they speak of tolerance that the ones who profess it constantly are the ones who offer it to everything except to those who share the truth of Christ.

    I also like to point out that those are the same people that don’t let truth and facts get in the way of their emotions instead of their character… or the lack of it…

    • Good points Floyd, that is often true that Christianity tends to be the one religion that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to tolerance.

  • “We can’t preach the gospel without destroying idols!” That’s a zinger right there. I do think it’s so true that the language we use to convey the process of salvation is of the utmost importance. I remember reading some of AW Tozer’s writings on this very issue. Repentance is something that has to be explained, especially in a culture where it’s such a foreign concept.

    • True, repentance does need to be explained. I think that we don’t necessarily need to use the word repentance but the idea must be present when we preach the gospel because the gospel without repentance is like offering to save a drowning person on dryland.

  • I normally phrase it in terms of love. I point out that the most loving thing is to tell people the truth and to point them to the one true God, not necessarily to make them feel good by not telling them the truth. Showing people that a desire to confront sin and idols is because of a love them takes away a lot of the animosity. Then it becomes a search for truth instead of an emotional pursuit of comfort.

    • You’re right we need balance when it comes to this. I think that depending on your personality you’ll either be tempted to not say anything about sin or to talk about it too much.