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#30 How to Pray for Ukraine -17 Ways

Today is a national day of prayer and fasting in Ukraine before the presidential elections which will take place tomorrow, May 25th.

In this episode of “Now is the Time” I talk about the some of the persecution of Christians that is happening in Eastern Ukraine and I share 17 ways for you to pray for Ukraine.

ukraine vote-001
17 ways to pray for Ukraine

Pray for…

  1. Honest and fair elections
  2. Persecuted believers in Donetsk
  3. Safety of families in Slavyansk
  4. Wisdom for the new government
  5. Unity of the new government
  6. Payment of gas debt to Russia
  7. Valdimir Putin to repent
  8. Forgiveness and reconciliation
  9. Honesty in reporting from the media
  10. Unity in churches
  11. Boldness in preaching the gospel for churches
  12. Tatar people in Crimea
  13. That people would seek the Lord and not just political change
  14. For pensioners in Eastern Ukraine who are no longer receiving their retirement
  15. That Ukrainian army would accomplish their anti terror campaign without more loss of life
  16. That peace and order of law would be brought back to Lugansk and Donetsk regions
  17. For the many families who have already lost loved ones


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If you want to support what God is doing in Ukraine through local churches, missions and evangelism learn how you can do that here.

Question: Will you pray for Ukraine? Let me know in the comments.

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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children! My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • Hopefully since the election of your new President the situation in Ukraine will improve

  • Sad to hear on the TV that planes are attacking the separatists. Must pray that this will not escalate.

    • Thank you for praying Maureen!

  • DS

    You and Ukraine continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. This happened at worship on Sunday –

    • Thanks for sharing that David, I had heard that the separatist had taken a church building and the Bible Institute. Sad indeed!

  • I’ll be praying! Thank you for the praying tips.

    • You’re welcome Dan! Thanks for your prayers!

  • Dan Erickson

    Thanks for the ideas. Many of these prayers could work at home too.

  • Great ideas…now comes the hard part, doing them. My husband is so much better at following the news so thanks to him I can keep up. It’s a messy world we live in and even though the word says, there is nothing new under the sun, it seems because of instant broadcasting something new is breaking out all over the world. It can be frightening until we remember God said it would be this way, wars all over. Praying for the Suko family too since all this has an affect on your ministry in Ukraine. Thanks brother for keeping us informed from you perspective.

    • Thanks so much Betty, especially for praying for our family too! We are really itching to get back to Ukraine now and we only have a couple of months left here in the States.

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  • Caleb, Thanks so much for putting this out there. It’s so easy to forget that our brothers and sisters around the world are often dealing with different challenges than we.

    I’ve only caught a couple episodes of your podcast so far but I’m really enjoying it.

    • You’re welcome Bryan, I’m glad you were able to catch a few episodes of the podcast. Thanks for praying!

  • I am praying. My heart is heavy for the world. Only God can save. Only God can hold us.

  • TO Caleb and family, Things seem in a very bad way – just everywhere really. 800 kids sent now to the Black Sea. We must pray for their safety and for their parents that many will turn to Jesus. I do hope you and your family will not return to Odessa. May the Lord keep you all safe and give you wisdom at this time..

    • Yes, thank you so much for your prayers! We are still hoping to return to Odessa in August and praying that things will be calm there then.