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31 Reasons You Should Read a Proverb a Day This Year

This year I’m renewing my focus on Proverbs. In addition to my daily Bible reading I’m reading and meditating on one chapter a day from the Book of Proverbs. I’ve done this in the past but in recent years I fell out of practice.

In order to strengthen my resolve I decided to write out 31 reasons why I should read a Proverb a day. I hope you might consider joining me in reading these reasons will also be helpful to you.

  1. Because I need wisdom more desperately than anything
  2. Because my heart tends away from the fear of the Lord if I don’t train it daily
  3. Because I have to make choices every day
  4. Because I want to avoid sexual temptation
  5. Because I need discipline in my life
  6. Because the world’s wisdom is deceptive and presses in on me
  7. Because I want to be a good example to my children
  8. Because I want to be an excellent husband
  9. Because I have yet to mine the depths of this book
  10. Because I often fail to apply what I know to be true
  11. Because I want to learn to speak truth and wisdom
  12. Because I need humility
  13. Because it creates a love for wisdom and righteousness
  14. Because I don’t want to be lazy
  15. Because I long to understand the mind of God
  16. Because I desire the joys of wisdom and prudence
  17. Because I believe the words to be good and true
  18. Because my mind needs renewal
  19. Because I need strong warnings against sin
  20. Because I often fail to respond well in difficult situations
  21. Because I daily trust in God is often weak
  22. Because it gives me many practical advises
  23. Because it helps me have proper respect for my parents
  24. Because it shows me how to reply to angry people
  25. Because it helps me use my money well
  26. Because it gives me hope
  27. Because it reveals weaknesses I never noticed before
  28. Because it strengthens my mind
  29. Because it gives me greater clarity on what is right and what is wrong
  30. Because it is a healthy activity for my soul
  31. Because it is God’s Word