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Chronological Bible Teaching, 3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs It | Season 2 Episode 3

Has anyone ever walked in while you were in the middle of a movie or a TV show and started asking a bunch of questions because they missed the first half of the film?

It’s kind of annoying isn’t it? Unfortunately many Christians study their Bible in the same way!

In this episode of Now Is the Time I share with you why I believe chronological Bible teaching is vital for all Christians and I share with you some of my experiences after going through 80 hours of chronological Bible training.



Last month I spent two weeks at our mission’s headquarters in Harrisburg, PA where I received 80 hrs of training on Chronological Bible teaching. This Fall I’ll help teach the OT half of this course in Bucharest, Romania and early next year I’ll help teach the NT half of the course in Budapest, Hungary.

Summer ministry here in Ukraine is always very busy. This summer our team is leading a number of seminars. Recently we trained volunteers here in Odessa at the pro-life women’s center with our Good Soil evangelism and discipleship material.

This month, I’m working on writing a new seminar on Worldviews that we will begin to offer in Churches here as well. The first seminar will be in Kirovograd in mid August.

In addition to this our refugee ministry continues. New politics has meant that our the refugees are now paying for rent in the government building where they are staying. As a result a few have returned to Eastern, Ukraine. We are praying that we can help other families in need find more permanent housing in the Odessa area.

This summer we also have plans for some ministry training in separatist controlled areas of Eastern Ukraine. I can’t give you detailed information about this publicly, so if you’d like to this project, please send me a note and I will communicate with you personally.

3 Reasons We Need Chronological Bible Teaching in Our Churches

  1. We have fragmented the Bible into a few verses here and a few there.
  2. We don’t see the Bible like the original readers did.
  3. We often fail to connect the larger themes of the Bible

Roots of Faith

I encourage you to check out Roots of Faith chronological Bible teaching which is offered at our mission headquarters in Harrisburg, PA twice a year.

Old Testament

New Testament

Question: Have you ever gone through any kind of chronological Bible teaching course?

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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children! My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • That does make sense on many levels. Stories are better and the lesson made with more impact when the climax isn’t given away in the first act.

    I thought about Paul and Peter, how some of the people they were reaching for God actually started with the climax. Interesting to ponder. I also thought about how impatient we are in our world today. Patience, especially when it comes to seeking God, pays huge dividends. Thanks for using yours!

    I’m praying for you and yours, sounds like you have some interesting scenarios in the near future.

    • Yes, it’s interesting to study the sermons of Paul and Peter in Acts. Depending upon whom they are speaking to they change their approach. For instance when Paul preached in Athens he started with the existence of God but contrast that the Peter’s first sermon to the Jews which starts with Jesus Christ. The difference is in the audience and the knowledge they may or may not already have about the Bible.

  • I’ve read chronologically thru the Bible twice and love it. You’re right, you can see themes that weave throughout the Old and New testiments in astonishing ways. Not just prophesies about Christ. I highly recommend doing this at least once. I would love to take a course to learn even more.

    • As I mentioned in the episode, I felt like this course really helped me make connections that I had not seen before. It gave me a great overall view of the flow of the Bible from Gen to Rev.