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This Video in an Abortion Clinic Made Me Feel Like Vomiting

While we watch in horror the scenes of war that play out on the nightly news there is another war going on right in our neighborhood “clinic.”

It is a war that is brutally murdering the most helpless and innocent among us in exchange for a few bucks!

I encourage you to watch this video in this post. It contains no graphic images but what it does contain is shocking and will help you understand the horror of abortion.

We can’t simply watch a video like this say, “Oh how terrible!” and then go on with our life!

We must do something!

That’s why I’m sharing this with you. Today is “Sanctity of Life Sunday.” It’s a time for us to remember the significance of life that God has created and our responsibility to do everything possible to protect.

Here’s what you can do.

Check out they have lots of good resources and ways to get involved.

I also want to introduce you to our co-worker Holly Friesen. She has recently started a pro-life women’s center right here in Odessa. According to statistics abortions are far more common in Ukraine than they are in the US.

You can find out about pro-life ministry in Ukraine here.

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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children! My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • I just simply will not watch this video. I have read books about abortion. I have lived in a time when women died in alleyways after visiting back street abortionists and babies were aborted with a knitting needle and worse. I myself have showed objects up my vagina in order to abort my unborn child as I was pregnant at 17. I did not even know where babies came out of and as I grew up in 1940 to 1950’s Britain where discussion of sex was taboo and in fact did not know until I was married – I just did what came naturally. No place to live, no place to put my head down, no mum and no dad. I have lived on benches in railway stations and lived in stationary train carriages. I have had exposure to young pregnant girls who were kicked in the stomach and bashed by a MUSLIM boyfriend when they became pregnant and she crawled over my doorstep bruised and bleeding. On phoning the police they came but instead of going to the girls home two doors up from me they burst into mine dressed in full swat gear. I have had women who came to me for help when I was working and I have taken them to the Doctor to be helped. One woman I know is a paranoid schizophrenic and has received two abortions and no amount of literature or persuasion or support would ever change her mind. You live in a time where you have not been exposed to women like myself who have done everything they could to stop their pregnancy. You have to walk in their shoes to appreciate the fear and even terror of giving birth where the only outcome was the removal of the child from your arms. One woman I know had her baby boy taken away and she never saw him and she was a married woman and this was in Australia in the 1970’s. There are so many desperate, lonely, ignorant and fear filled women and they need support. I have lived all of this and I just do not want to revisit my horrible memories. There is nothing worse hearing men talking about abortion when it is something they will never ever have to go through.

    • Just one correction Maureen, many males have gone through abortion, unfortunately none of them survived to talk about it! Killing innocent and defenseless boys and girls is evil and we must speak up about it and do what we can to stop it.

      • Stop trying to be smart!
        Obviously I realise it is not just female babies who are aborted. The point I was making is that MEN do not have to undergo unwanted pregnancies and they OBVIOUSLY have no real conception of want it is like to be RAPED by a man, made pregnant by her rapist, be all alone in this world, without anyone to care they exist and then put up with people such as yourself, PONTIFICATING about abortion.

        Why on earth would you wish to send this kind of gory material to another Christian. You may as well be sending pictures of the mutilated Iraqi babies and small children like Ali who lost his arms and legs and whose entire family were killed by the ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq BY YOUR COUNTRY. Did you rise up against this evil? OR, is your indignation confined to abortion?

        Since you have such a passion for stopping abortion – have you made your contribution by having to your home, pregnant women and girls and cared for them until they gave birth. I HAVE!! and so has my son, who picked these women out of their dangerous environments and brought them home for MUm to care for; and, what is more attended the birth of their babies, held their hands and stood by them until their kids found someone to adopt them.

        I will never forget the day my son walked into my kitchen, when I lived in Canberra, and while I was washing dishes, a voice behind me said: “MUM here’s Debbie, barefoot and pregnant.” And I still have photographs of another woman – looking at her baby, after the delivery, holding her baby in my arms – at Calvary Hospital in Canberra. I also have the wonderful and precious experience of taking in my daughter-in-law at 17 years of age, pregnant and unmarried and caring for both parties until my grandson was born. She married my son two years later after I brought her to know Jesus.

        So please do not treat me with the customary contempt of someone who has never gone through the challenging environment of personal pregnancy and who has a wife and five kids who have not had to sit in the gutter without food, pregnant and no one to care for them. Pastors seem to be particularly adept at this sort of cruel behaviour.

        You say abortion is evil and I agree, but just exactly HOW are YOU going to stop it.

        Sending gruesome videos out to people is not going to make any difference to the problem – any more than capital punishment will lower the crime rate.

        You INSULT me thinking I do not care about babies being aborted and now you have temerity to send a sarcastic reply to my post.

        • Maureen, the video in this post shows now graphic images, it is sickening because it reveals the clear intent of those who are performing the abortions. I believe that the main problem behind abortion isn’t the women who have abortions but mainly the men who are all too willing to perform them in return for a few $!

    • BMVH

      Don’t tell me I can’t have an opinion on abortion because I am a man. Shame on YOU for saying that. Your feminist viewpoint that men should shut up about this is an abomination! Babies are being killed by the millions in this world and you want to have a conversation about man’s inability to empathise with these twisted up women? Seriously!?

  • You have not answered my questions and have tried to fob me off with a glib response excusing your previous sarcastic reply and the fact that you are posting unsolicited gory images to me. I do hope that the MEN who are performing these abortions are medical doctors and not back street operators for the sake of the women involved. I am well aware that millions of babies are being killed by abortion on a daily basis throughout our world. However, my question is this:- How do you propose to stop the practice? Because sending gruesome images over the internet is not going to change things one iota.

    • Maureen I was not at all sarcastic in my response. If you received a gruesome image, it wasn’t from me, as I said earlier there are not graphic or gruesome images in this post. I made two suggestions in this post to help stop abortion. Read the post and check out the links to pro-life ministries in Ukraine and both of which are doing some very concrete things to save lives.

  • I read just yesterday that Obama will veto a bill congress is voting on that will ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation. The Budget Committee says this bill will increase Medicaid costs too much to ban abortions after 20 weeks and that banning abortions after 20 weeks will hinder a woman’s right over her own body.

    • Wow, that will be really sad if he vetos it. I’m afraid to think of the judgement he is bringing down on himself for allowing these atrocities.

      • And judgement on America. Over and over I read the OT and I see parallels to America. God have mercy.

  • I can’t watch it… It makes me sick as well. Praying for your friend. God help us… literally…

  • Nancy Suko

    Such a sad time we live in when killing babies can be done so easily. Our church is very actively involved with the CareNet here in our city, but, I know there is always more we can be doing. This is a good reminder that we can’t just stand by. Thanks, Caleb, for posting the video.

    • I know CareNet does alot to help save babies and bring the gospel to their parents.

  • You know, I’ve been convicted about this lately. I’m unashamedly pro-life, but do I really DO anything about it? I need to, in essence, put my time and my money where my mouth is.

    • Loren, check the links to they have some good ideas. Also I think there’s information on the link to Holly Friesen’s prolife ministry here in Ukraine of how you can help. We work closely with Holly, Christina has helped her translate materials for training in her women’s clinic and next month I’m going to do some training in evangelism with some of the volunteers there.

  • Man, that video… I just don’t know what to say to that. It’s so sad to think on the tangled confusion and mess society is in sometimes. A few days ago here in the UK a law was passed to allow for IVF treatments to utilise biological material from three different ‘hosts’, effectively creating 3 parent babies. It’s like all the warnings that were made in books like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein were ignored and continue to be so. It’s very saddening.