Defeated Ukrainian Soldiers “Hypnotized” by Charles Stanley

By Thursday, January 22, 2015 15 Permalink 0

Things have gone from bad to worse in Eastern Ukraine over the past couple of days. For several months Ukrainian soldiers nicknamed "cyborgs" have held the airport in Donetsk. Today Ukraine finally admitted defeat at the Donetsk airport and the loss of 37 soldiers! When the separatist forces entered the previously Ukrainian controlled airport they found both ...

Novorussia Promises to Destroy the World

Here's a very strange Christmas greeting by Maria Katasonova from Novorussia (Eastern Ukraine). Joy to the People Death to the enemy Merry Christmas from Novorussia The enemy will be defeated The victory will be ours and if we don't win then we will destroy the entire world! Well, I think she maybe the first to include the threat of nuclear war in their ...

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