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Bloody Ukraine

While you slept last night Ukraine turned bloody! Today was the worst day yet in the 3 month old protest which has caught the world’s attention.

Early reports say that at least 22 people have died and more than 1,000 have been injured in the last 24 hours in Kyiv. The dead include protesters and police.



The pictures coming out of the “war zone” in Kyiv make me want to turn away but I can’t. This is Ukraine, the country I love, I have family there, I have friends there, so far I’ve given 8 years of my life to serve the people there!

They say war is ugly and I agree but civil war has a particular venomous stench to it. When a nation starts fighting against it’s self it can be hard to stop and the results are always the same -death, destruction and dehumanization of the enemy.

22 dead means 22 mothers whose sons will not come home. It means children who will bury their fathers and wives who will only have a chance to kiss the corpse of their husbands.

Death doesn’t care who started the violence, it doesn’t even car who’s right and who’s wrong. Death levels the playing field, it forces everyone to count the costs. With all the violence what we don’t notice is that death often kills the hearts of those who remain alive.

When peace is far away hope seems completely out of reach!

But peace and hope are within reach, they’re just not where most people think they are.

True peace will not be found in a new president or a new government, hope will not be found in a revised constitution, closer ties the the EU or to Russia.

The peace and hope that Ukraine needs now can only be found in Jesus.  John 14:27

So today I just have one prayer request!

Pray for peace in Ukraine!

If you want to get “Prayer Points for Ukraine” I’ll be sending out a more detailed report tomorrow via e-mail.  Just sign up below!

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I am a pastor, missionary, and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine since 2007. God blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 amazing children!

My greatest passion is to teach, encourage, and exhort others to turn to Jesus, who is Savior, Lord, and God!

  • Heart wrenching. I’m praying for Ukraine. “Father bless the peacekeepers…”

    • It really is heart wrenching as I watch from a distance. Thanks for your prayers Floyd.

  • I heard this when I got home last night Caleb. What an ugly scenario developing. Prayers definitely will be said.

    • Thanks so much for your prayers Bill! I’m sure you are praying for Zee as well!

  • I hope you and your family remain safe, Caleb. Violence like this has a way of tuning us in to what’s really important. I’ll be praying for peace but moreso I’ll be praying for God to work in and through this situation to give you and others a vehicle to share the gospel.

    • We are safe Loren but I do have a sister in Kyiv and other family in various cities in Ukraine. I’m also praying that this will be the thing to open many hearts to the gospel

  • DS

    Are there ripple effects in places like Odessa? You know where our hearts and prayers are. I can’t begin to imagine the struggle there, nor the emotions you and your family must be having. Thanks for keeping people informed, and for doing what you need to do while here in the states.

    • Yes, David, there are ripple effects in every part of Ukraine now. In fact today some protesters in Odessa were beat and chased away by a large group of masked men with baseball bats.

  • I’ve been keeping up with the violence from, I thought of you and prayed when I saw yesterdays’ story. I’m so sorry. my heart goes out to everyone. I can’t image that actually happening. It seems more like a movie, but it’s not. God help us all.

    Thanks for keeping people posted.

    • Thanks for praying TC and thanks for the link to theblaze I’ll check out the news stories on Ukraine there.

      • I can’t believe the news I’m reading there today! So sad.